The waters of Nantucket are a dream for kiteboarding, hydrofoiling and wakeboarding. Nantucket includes miles of butter flat waters within the harbor, waist deep protected bays perfect for learning various water sports, and endless coastline made for wave riding. Whether you are a kiteboarder, surfer, sailor, or just want to relax, Nantucket has incredible conditions and activities to offer for the entire family. It is for this reason that Next Level Watersports is proud to call Nantucket home. We are partnered with the Harborview Nantucket Hotel and teach out on Nantucket Harbor every day.

Our Story

Next Level Watersports was founded in 2016 by Jake Hoefler and Jon Beery. Both met while coaching at one of the premier kite board schools in the world located on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. After meeting, the two decided to pursue their dream of opening a kiteboarding school. They scoured the Eastern Seaboard and found their dream location close to home – Nantucket Island. After a lot of hard work, both are proud to announce the opening of Next Level Watersports.


Jake and Jon are both passionate instructors and watermen with years of coaching, kiteboarding, sailing, and surfing experience between them. Through Next Level Water sports, Jake and Jon hope to show the world just how much fun a day on the water can be.

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Our Team


Jon Beery

Owner & Founder

When asked when he started on the water Jon says, “My parents used to tie my crib off to the handrails on the inside of their boat so I was suspended. That way I wouldn’t roll out when the boat heeled over.” Jon grew up in Darien, CT and has spent his lifetime on the water. He has raced dinghies and big boats across the country, was captain of his high school and college sailing teams, and has coached juniors and adults in dinghies, big boats, and kiteboarding at premier locations from Puerto Rico to Boston. He is a Certified Public Accountant who, after working in professional services in Boston for four years, decided to marry his passion for the water with his career. Next Level Watersports is a dream come true for Jon and he’s excited to teach you the same sports that make him smile every day!

Jake headhot

Jake Hoefler

Owner & Founder

Jake is a thoroughbred D1 athlete turned avid kiteboarder and coach from Hampstead, NH. Jake tells the story of his first time kiteboarding with his dad when he was just twelve years old down on the Outer Banks. Cautiously launching the kiteboard he would get pulled downwind on his board and his dad would grab him by the back of his harness and pull him upwind to restart. He kept at it until it clicked. With the gear being much safer and user friendly these days it is much easier to teach. Jake is an incredible communicator who can break down the concepts behind kiteboarding into simple steps. After playing hockey for, and graduating from, Northeastern University he moved to the Outer Banks in North Carolina to pursue his passion. With thousands of hours on the water coaching Jake cannot wait to get you riding!

Emma Cullen - Next Level Watersports

Emma Cullen

Emma is 19 years old and grew up in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. She currently attends Colorado College and is a rising sophomore. After taking a few kiting lessons when she was 14, she was immediately hooked. Emma has spent the last six summers kiting on Nantucket with her family. After teaching her first lesson, she realized how much she loved sharing the sport with others. Whether it is a windy day to take advantage of the harbor’s flat water, a light wind day for foiling or a no wind day for wakeboarding Emma will always be spending it on the water!

Benj Raith - Next Level Watersports - Nantucket, Ma

Benj Raith

Benj is a born native to Nantucket Island.  As a junior at Nantucket High School, Benj loves being involved with the community.  Benj started kiteboarding at the age of 12, and has been hooked ever since.  Living on Nantucket over the years has allowed him to embrace all of the great opportunities the island has to offer.  Whether it is fishing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, or even surfing, you are sure to find Benj on the water most summer days.  Benj is excited to get people out on the water, and share his passion with others.


Michelle Davison

Michelle Davison came to Nantucket for the summer of 2013. She fell in love with the island and made it her home. Michelle has always had a passion for the water; she grew up on a lake and learned to swim, waterski, and wakeboard at a young age. During high school, she spent her summers lifeguarding. Her interest in kiteboarding began when she was attending college at Florida State University. She joined the FSU Kiteboarding Club where she attended competitions around Florida and learned the basics of the sport. A long time fan of kiteboarding, Michelle is now riding and thrilled to share her passion with islanders and visitors alike!

Richard Knight Head Shot

Richard Knight

Richard has spent the past 28 years on Wall Street but would rather be kiteboarding. He took up the sport in 2014 taking lessons from both Jon and Jake and qualified as an IKO level 1 instructor in 2016. Richard helped Jon and Jake start Next Level Watersports and enjoys advising the team on business matters over a couple of Whale’s Tale Pale Ales.

Sky headshot final-1

Schuyler Kuhl

Schuyler Kuhl is our Back Country Guide specialist. He has been kiting and windsurfing the waters of Nantucket Island for over 20 years. His vast knowledge of Nantucket’s weather patterns and riding spots assure you’ll score an epic session! His first kite was a Naish AR5 and he is still on Naish kites to this day.  Schuyler is also an advanced beginner in Kiteboard Hero for iOs. His stoke is contagious and he’s always ready to score a session when the breeze is blowing!