Hydrofoil Lessons

Have You Ever Wanted to Fly?

Simply put – Hydrofoiling is one of the coolest feelings in the world and it will transform your outlook on kiteboarding and wakeboarding in general. Imagine slicing along effortlessly in silence, flying gracefully above the water with no chop or disturbances executing smooth arching turns like you are riding powder. Imagine charging fully powered upwind on that borderline 10 knot day or floating along behind a boat with two fingers on the tow handle totally relaxed grinning ear to ear. This is hydrofoiling.

The Founders of Next Level Watersports have pioneered the methods to teach hydrofoiling and have taught countless kids and adults how to fly on Nantucket. Whether behind a boat or behind a kite, let us teach you how.

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Our Methodology

Learning to hydrofoil should not be complicated

Next Level Watersports staff have mastered the art of breaking down the physics and concepts behind hydrofoiling to make the learning progression intuitive, incremental and easy for students. We then use specialized equipment and the best hydrofoils on the market to teach on. The result is to dramatically accelerate your learning curve.


We teach hydrofoiling behind boats and behind kites. We teach beginners to advanced riders the skills they need to achieve their goals. From your first ride to jumping, transitions and backrolls – come out and learn to fly with us today!

Emma Cullen on Foilboard Nantucket
2017 Lift Foils

Our Supplier

We use Lift Foils to teach on and to ride personally. We use Lift Foils because they are the best and most user friendly in the business. With over 7 years of committed research & development and product testing, Lift Foils have evolved to become the smoothest and most balanced foils out there. We use Lift Foils because it makes learning and progressing at hydrofoiling easier.